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Factoring in Our Nature – Social Media Marketing

Posted By on January 9, 2010


Social Media Marketing is about People

McDonalds kind of had the idea when they introduced Ronald McDonald the clown and Kentucky Fried Chicken with the Colonial. But when “Big Dave” got out there to personally promoted his Wendy’s business, named after his daughter, he developed a personal brand and a following all his own. The people who knew Dave liked Dave and they went for his unique square fresh patty hamburger and old fashioned fries. Henry Ford’s family name as well as Dodge and some other automobile businesses were men, families, personalities and reputations all known publicly. What do they all have in common? Besides all successfully building their empires, they were people well known to the people. People were relating to the human factor. It was in part Personal Branding.

You may have noticed in Social Media today the tools and platforms are plenty, but it’s not only about that. Google is a platform and it hasn’t been around terribly long. The truth is that some of the key players in this game will come and go. So your best bet is not to put a ton focus on the tools and platforms. Your strategy and focus is “connect with people”.


Social Media – Web Marketing – Relationship Marketing

When setting up a Social Media strategy, remember that this is not the same as a simple Web Marketing businesses. And for those of you who are only now entering the internet marketing scene, there is an important difference between them. Web Marketing is the “old” way of promoting with the focus in a direction of business-to-people. On the other hand, today’s Social Media is about creating a people-to-people connection.

Social media is about connecting people-to-people, sharing, referrals, and word of mouth. Web marketing is a business-to-people environment promoting by static pages, websites, advertising, that just kind of sits there.  Social media actually creates a buzz about you or your business. If you know this now you are way ahead of the game. There will be some all cozy and used to the old way of marketing a bit reluctant to change. But this is where we’re at today, so you might want to get in position with a social media marketing system to achieve the best business results.

Why Relationship Marketing will provide leverage:

  • People like to connect with people they feel good about
  • People like to do business with people they know
  • People buy from people referred by people
  • Social media is for connecting people

So if today you’re simply a logo company, your business would need to have a “human” face to make it attractive on social media.  Advertising marketers have always talked to some degree about  factoring in our human nature in company’s ads for some time now. It seems the fancy logos and traditional marketing practices are not obsolete but they are also not the focus in today’s social media marketing trend.


Winning with Social Media Online

I am seeing more and more people realize today’s power in relationship marketing. Businesses are successfully connecting to people through Social Media and understanding how to reach out through the many channels.

As the world turns to the internet for smart buying decisions

  • Google this, Google that
  • Doing on-line comparison shopping
  • Visually connecting through video media channels
  • Listening to the buzz topics and friends on Face Book, Twitter, etc

Many are in agreement that staying on top of the conversation with Social Media Platforms is most relevant when using these tools.  So, if you aren’t already out there take a look around and see who is. The timing is now and the marketing strategy is “Relationship Marketing”.


What are your favorite internet social platforms ?

If you are already engaged in social media how has it influenced your relationships or business?

Do leave a comment and share your ideas. What are your thoughts about marketing and social media?

Enjoy your day!


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About the author

Have had the pleasure of working from a home office since 1993 and sure want to keep it that way. It's nice just stepping outside my office to play in the garden or take a hike with my pets when the mood strikes. Many agree, the most rewarding job to have is one we choose make ourselves. Also, spending quality time with some of the greatest Social Media strategists & Blogging buddies. Hands-down some of the greatest teachers (givers) I personally know. Enthusiastic sharing is unusual in some parts! Not this community. Such a very cool blessing :)


36 Responses to “Factoring in Our Nature – Social Media Marketing”

  1. Donny Gamble says:

    I absolutely love social media
    because it allows you to build
    relationships all around the world.

    It is definitely a trend that will only
    continue to grow, larger and larger

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Robin. I really like your post and the explanation of how social meadia works and the value of building relationships…

    Look forward to more..

  3. Don Enck says:

    Great post Robin.

    Social media marketing is changing the face of the way business is getting done…especially online. The benefit of this as Donny points out is that you can connect and do business with people all over the world, not just in your backyard.

    Whether it’s online or the “good old fashioned” way of person to person it boils to down to a genuine connection. Who you know, like, and trust goes a long way.

    .-= Don Enck´s last blog ..Tribe Syndication…The Numbers Tell The Story =-.

  4. This is a terrific post Robin. You’re writing style is very easy to read. I love the call outs to Dave and Ronald McDonald. A lot can be learned from studying these two examples (despite the questionable meet they serve lol).
    Just as Donny said, social media allows us to create powerful relationships all over the world. The key is just what you highlight – to make sure that we are truly creating those relationships … getting to know people and find out about them. Listen, listen and listen some more. Pay attention to what people are saying and learn to read between the lines.
    We’re in the relationship business. The people who are most successful have no doubt developed the most authentic and genuine relationships.
    Thanks for the share Robin!
    .-= Dave Anderson´s last blog ..Meet My Tribe … =-.

  5. Jennifer Hart says:

    It’s so refreshing to know that the paradigm for business is shifting into connections, community and building relationships. I love Social Media and appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this positive way of doing business. Thanks Robin!

  6. Robin you are right on point with this post. This IS the future and those that stay behind will be swallowed up and forgotten.
    You have to have a web presence and if you are why not make it social and viral so it can grow into something amazing.

    I am glad I am on board and I am glad I met you through this medium.
    .-= Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..Financial Irresponsibility Can Be Expensive =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      It is great to meet you as well I am beginning to really realize that is is truly possible to develop real relationships through Social Media.

  7. Kathy Jodrey says:

    Awesome job Robin!

    Social media is totally where it’s at. What was once just seen as a way for people to socialize, this wave has crashed down into the business world with great intensity.

    Even big businesses are catching on and paying employees to maintain a corporate presence on social media sites. Thanks for sharing this…
    .-= Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..Alternative Cancer Treatments – Have You Done Your Homework? =-.

  8. Nick Logan says:

    I absolutely agree Robin. It’s all about the connections. Even though I don’t think google is ever going away, you make an interesting point. They are changing constantly and it may get harder and harder to be featured on the front page.

    The massive connections we’ve made through Tribe Syndication is invaluable. It is so nice to truly connect with you Robin…

    Wow….Look at all the comments here!!!
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: Donny Gamble =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      It is awesome to have you here Nick I have been following and loving your blog it is personal & I feel like I really know you! You are a great example to follow in blogging and Social media. Thanks so much for your interest and comments!

  9. Kimberly Castleberry says:

    Robin you are spot on! Social media is so where its at and an incredibly powerful tool.

    Something I heard recently is the concept that we are no longer in the information age, but have moved to the recommendation age! What a powerful concept!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Safe Hex for WordPress, Why pre-v2.8.6 is BAD for Your Blogs Health! =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      I love that you stopped by you have a ton of value at your blog I have such a great deal of respect for all you are doing and all you share freely. I recommend every blogger to visit your site.

  10. jean says:

    Hi Robin,
    I have a passion for social media.
    and even more so after belonging to this tribe,
    I agree with you its all about connecting with people,
    thank you for a inspiring post
    .-= jean´s last blog ..‘How To Retweet’ =-.

  11. Robin:
    Great post on Social Media Marketing. I love the way you focus on relationship building. This powerful tool of social media has given us the ability to build relationships far and near and in that ability comes the power to connect with people we may have never met otherwise. Through those connections opportunity is created. Opportunity for shared knowledge, shared resources, shared business ideas, ventures, etc. I absolutely love social media and the doors it has opened. Thanks for sharing this with the community.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Thanks Krista I am always marching around saying “life is relationships” for without that where would we be. It carries over into many areas of our lives. Appreciate your comments.

  12. factoring companies says:

    Hi, I just thought I would post and let you know your blogs layout is really messed up on the Firefox browser. Seems to work ok in IE however. Anyways keep up the good work.

  13. factoring companies says:

    By and large I do not comment on a person’s blog, but I would like to mention that this article has compelled me to do so! Thank you for your insightful post.

  14. Robin,

    Everything you’ve written in this post relates to the excitement I feel when I think about the fundamental shift in both our marketing and communication strategies.
    It’s all about ‘people and community’ on the web now and this is such a breath of fresh air.
    As we’ve now moved from the ‘information age’ to the ‘recommendation age’, trust is everything. As you’ve pointed out, companies now need a ‘human face’ to their marketing and Social Networking provides them with the opportunity to do this.
    There is a lot of awesome information on this blog. Great work!


    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Thank you so much for all of your awesome mentions!

      Michaele, I am loving the trend shift as well. A lot more focus on communications and personal branding makes real connections in doing business today.

  15. Teresa says:

    Loved this post, Robin. I’m still such a beginner to social media. You really stated things so that it fell into place in my brain at bit better.
    Thanks. Teresa

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Teresa thanks for stopping by! You are surely not alone as a beginner there should prove to be many more to follow you in social media. Welcome to the party, so glad I could help :)

  16. Robin Lynn Brooks says:

    Thank you for pointing out the code errors you experienced friend.
    Please drop me a note when you stop back.
    You are appreciated :)

  17. Mahalo (thank you) for your awesome article on Social Media! I love the analogies with Ronald Mcdonald & The Colonel! And the empahsis on referral marketing and word of mouth…I love it!

    Much aloha,
    Kellie :)
    .-= Kellie Hosaka´s last blog ..MY PRIVATE AND VERY PERSONAL ADDICTION TO FOOD =-.

  18. Shannon Tecson says:

    Aloha Robin,
    Thank you for posting this awesome article! I simply love the part where you state business-to-people marketing is an old platform and how today with social media it’s connecting people-to-people. I love the human connection and it’s very obvious the connection we have here on facebook.

    With love and light,
    Shannon Tecson

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      We are seeing much more excitement and devotion when connecting to the core of
      people and not just boasting products and services. Long ago I even noticed the
      power of connecting to people to better understand their needs first. People want
      to know you care first and foremost. Thanks for visiting Shannon

  19. i have tried social media marketing for getting our new products to be known on the market. it seems to work well specially if the audience is targeted `

  20. arlan murata says:

    Hey Robin: Yes, we need ti build relationship and friendship as these last a lifetime. Some tools and platforms will not be around when our friendship will. Appreciate your sharing of your vast wisdom. Thx for your thoughts.

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Have had the pleasure of working from a home office since 1993 and sure want to keep it that way. It's nice just stepping outside my office to play in the garden or take a hike with my pets when the mood strikes. Many agree, the most rewarding job to have is one we choose make ourselves. Also, spending quality time with some of the greatest Social Media strategists & Blogging buddies. Hands-down some of the greatest teachers (givers) I personally know. Enthusiastic sharing is unusual in some parts! Not this community. Such a very cool blessing :)
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