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Confident and Sexy – Free Aphrodisiac

Posted By on March 9, 2010



Robin Lynn Brooks

Keeping up the exercise for our body’s health also feeds that spirited mindset for our personality AND makes an excellent recipe for one of the most readily available organic aphrodisiacs there is! Yes, be dedicated to keep it up and you’ll find your sexy-self aphrodisiac ready at all times!

There is this certain vibrancy I find extremely enchanting in healthy exercised bodies. Not only that, but our mindful health and fitness regimens keep us feeling energetic, sexually desirable and self assured on the inside as well as confident and sexy on the outside.

Undoubtedly, we have got to take care of our basic fitness needs. And it’s truly rewarding. But are you reaching your fitness goals and staying motivated?  Try having some fun with the challenge and keep reaching for the prize!

I have heard it said that positive sexual energy can be utilized to improve all relationships, including the giving and receiving of platonic love with others. In part, harnessing this energy is not only guaranteed to awaken your partner’s interest, it may also be used to funnel more passion into developing other types of relationships.

Using Visualization & Affirmation Techniques

Experiment with visualization techniques which are used by a list of most famous athletes. For this, you will need to allow yourself moments which allow quieting your mind to run through a routine all the way to picturing your prize results.

Use positive affirmations and fun thoughts. This is a powerful personal development tool for reaching any of your goals, also. The human brain “thinks” in pictures when you speak or focus on thought. This is something that many are familiar with. These mental training techniques are a way to give instruction to your subconscious mind.

Understand your predominant thoughts are what make you who you are today.

Have some fun with visualization and positive affirmations and make some real changes. It’s not hocus pocus!


Read this quote by a neuroscientist who authored a dozen books on the human brain:

“The process of imagining yourself going through the motions of a complex musical or athletic performance activates brain areas that improve your performance. Brain scans have placed such intuitions on a firm neurological basis. Positron emission tomography (PET) scans reveal that the mental rehearsal of an action activates the prefrontal areas of the brain responsible for the formulation of the appropriate motor programs. In practical terms, this means you can benefit from the use of mental imagery.”

By Dr. Richard Restak


Physical Therapy to Physical Fitness

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my physical challenges along with a book review called Pain Free. Now I have finally been able to focus less on pain management and shift myself into the area of moving my body again, YAY!! Sometimes it feels so absolutely exhilarating. Don’t get me wrong it is a definite challenge but with the right mindset I have been taking the struggle out of the equation. How does getting excited about getting fit sound to you?

Like I said earlier, you can have some fun with this. Get yourself psyched for that sexy confident body through visualization. Overcome the negative energy that keeps you crippled in the recovery phase of an injury and move from physical therapy to physical fitness! I am!

I appreciate you all sharing your comments and thoughts. Of course as always if you find anything here to take away or pass along feel free to do so!


Enjoy Your Day!


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About the author

Have had the pleasure of working from a home office since 1993 and sure want to keep it that way. It's nice just stepping outside my office to play in the garden or take a hike with my pets when the mood strikes. Many agree, the most rewarding job to have is one we choose make ourselves. Also, spending quality time with some of the greatest Social Media strategists & Blogging buddies. Hands-down some of the greatest teachers (givers) I personally know. Enthusiastic sharing is unusual in some parts! Not this community. Such a very cool blessing :)


25 Responses to “Confident and Sexy – Free Aphrodisiac”

  1. Donny Gamble says:

    These are some nice strategies to definitely improve overall health. It is important that we relax, instead of letting too many things stress us out. I’m definitely going to use the visualization techniques

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Thanks Donny… True that visualization is a way to focus and relax and psych ourselves in a number of areas. It has been applied in more ways than most of us know.

  2. Hey Robin,

    That was a GREAT article, with a little sizzle to it! At the outset, I thought I’d be lighting up a smoke by the end of the first paragraph. (LOL)

    There is so much to be said about the relationship between our physical and mental health and how that impacts not only our own self-image, but how we relate to others.

    We’re at the point in our human evolution in the West, where facilities are available now that can measure, interpret and quantify the thoughts we hold via data derived from electrical impluses of the brain.

    Dr. Restak stated scientific evidence that revealed what the ancient Rishis have espoused for millennia…we are a product of our thinking. Where does that leave us? Well, as you so succinctly framed it …visualize the results you want…”charge” your image of the body you want with desire. That sexy bod will be yours, before you know it!

    Best wishes,
    .-= Chris McCargar´s last undefined ..Response cached until Wed 10 @ 21:22 GMT (Refreshes in 17.50 Hours) =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Chris it sounds like you have been on the right track for a while and your share is appreciated, we are so much a product of our thinking!

  3. Yamuna Keller says:

    Great post Robin. I especially like your part on visualization techniques…. so powerful!


    Yamuna Keller

  4. Val Wilcox says:

    I love your heading! Gets your attention like right now. :)

    How great that science is willing to validate what people have known for centuries – that visualization works!
    Thanks for the awesome article filled with great info.
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..The Power of YOU! =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Ha! The title was kind of fun to throw out there. Visualization can however an important part of our journey as our predominant thoughts determine where we are in life, as our reality unfolds.

  5. Glyna Humm says:

    Hi Robin

    This sounds like a great technique I will have to give a try especially if it will help me want to work out more.
    .-= Glyna Humm´s last blog ..Internet Marketing and Social Networking – A Match Made in Cyber Space Heaven =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Try it! Try visualizing the joy in your heart as you workout to discover a better you :)

  6. Just wanted to tell you that your page is not rendering correctly on the BlackBerry Browser. Anyway, I’m now on the RSS feed on my laptop, so it works!

  7. Brandy Price says:

    Robin, this is a good reminder for us to pre-pave any major activity that we are going to pursue. Pre-paving is just another way for saying imagine the way you would like the activity, event, conversation to play out. I especially love how you added scientific proof that doing so activates the parts of the brain responsible for the motor skills to make it happen.
    .-= Brandy Price´s last blog ..The Easy Way Of Discovering Your Passion – The Passion Test =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      You are so right Brandy I love that you shared that insight for pre-paving any major activity as well. How important it is to “walk” yourself through first :)

  8. Beth Allen says:

    Hey Robin!

    I love the energy you’ve been bringing through here on your blog lately ~ I had no idea you were so passionate about fitness and I love it! Yes, it is an aphrodisiac! (that one always was a great driver for my clients). :) Who doesn’t want to feel more confident and sexy?!

    Thanks for sharing the tips on visualization ~ so powerful and definitely not hocus pocus! It sounds like it is working great for you ~ that is just awesome to hear.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid??? =-.

    • Robin Lynn Brooks says:

      Hi Beth! I am glad you mentioned it was a great motivator for your clients to get in shape!

      It is working for me in overcoming my injuries and moving through fitness goals. I have turned it into a fun and exciting journey :)

  9. Robin,

    Great article, great advice & suggestions and a great title! ;)

    I appreciate you & all that you share,
    Rebecca :)
    .-= Rebecca David´s last blog ..Coming Soon! =-.

  10. The Confident and Sexy – Free Aphrodisiac lured me in. Gotta be careful though, anything other than visualization at 73 would be a hazard to my heath. Thanks for a great post.

  11. Rodrigo says:

    You re amazing girl!!! Thank you so much for all ur help!!! I really appreciate it!!!

    Love to you!!!

  12. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  13. Nice! Once again, your article is very good. Thank you very much. ;-)

  14. Just came to read about this, and I ended up spending 20 minutes reading your other stuff too, awesome work man

  15. It’s nice to see people put effort into their posts, well written

  16. arlan murata says:

    Good Morning Robin:

    Great share. When you feel good because your body and mind does not have pain you act and do well. You’re alive. Since you are reading, try this one, “The Enzyme Factor” by Hiromi Shinya, MD. Also, google where the most centurions live. You will find why people live happy, healthy and have longevity, which is similar to what Dr Shinya talks about.

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Have had the pleasure of working from a home office since 1993 and sure want to keep it that way. It's nice just stepping outside my office to play in the garden or take a hike with my pets when the mood strikes. Many agree, the most rewarding job to have is one we choose make ourselves. Also, spending quality time with some of the greatest Social Media strategists & Blogging buddies. Hands-down some of the greatest teachers (givers) I personally know. Enthusiastic sharing is unusual in some parts! Not this community. Such a very cool blessing :)
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